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Investor FAQ

How would you assess Armtec's financial and operational results in 2012? What do you think were the highlights and areas of improvements?

Armtec’s financial and operational results in 2012 were a significant improvement over 2011.  The Turnaround Plan allowed us to focus on 9 key areas that were predominantly cost related.
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How significant is the SAP integration for Armtec?

Armtec's SAP integration, which has been in place now for about two years, is certainly significant.
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Describe Armtec's core businesses and why you decided to realign the operations around a product focus rather than a geographic focus?

Armtec has been a leading provider of drainage solutions to the Canadian market for well over 100 years.
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What was the thinking behind the Turnaround Plan and why do you think it was successful?

In 2011, our financial performance was in a decline. This was largely due to a combination of factors.
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The new structure has been in place for just over 100 days. How has it gone?

The new structure has two fundamental components: firstly, it is product-based focused with a Drainage Solutions Business Unit and a Precast Concrete Solutions Business Unit.
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How is Armtec's financial condition right now?

Right now, Armtec has too much debt relative to our earnings, between seven and eight times total debt to EBITDA. Our new mission has us looking to get down to under five to one or better by the end of 2015.
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What do you think investors should make of your achievements so far?

I hope that our investors will see that Armtec is coming back. We aspire to be a premier supplier of construction materials to the infrastructure market in Canada and select markets around the world.
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What is "Elevate 2015?" How will it reshape the company and take you where you want to go?

"Elevate 2015" is our next mission, the next place where we as a company, need to go. After we completed the Turnaround Plan, the first question that came to me was, "What's next?"
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What is the "Armtec Way?"

There are three elements in The Armtec Way. They are: Leadership Competencies, Culture, Values.
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How would you describe your strategy?

Right now our strategy is to achieve our mission – "Elevate 2015."
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Why did Armtec change its operations structure?

Armtec implemented a new organizational structure to maximize efficiency for our customers and employees and to allow us to maintain focus on our core businesses.

How are Armtec's new operations structured?

Armtec realigned its operations into two core strategic business units:

  • Precast Concrete Solutions with responsibility for our portfolio of concrete products and services, ranging from structural components for bridges and parking garages to wall panels, noise barriers, utility vaults, landscaping products and more.
  • Drainage Solutions with responsibility for our structural steel, corrugated steel and plastic pipe products, Platon, stormwater detention systems, and more.

When did the new operating structure come into effect?

The new structure was effective January 1, 2013.

Do the senior managers at Armtec have significant investments in the Company?

As of December 31, 2012, the Company's Directors and executive officers collectively own or control approximately 403,334 shares.

What is the Company's fiscal year-end?

The Company operates on a calendar (December 31) year-end.

When will the next quarterly results be released?

The Q3 2014 results will be released on November 11, 2014.

When is the next Annual Meeting?

The next Annual General Meeting will be held on June 17, 2014.

How can I purchase shares?

The Company's shares can be purchased through a licensed investment broker.

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